The Gentleman Magazine Issue 3 | June/July - Page 95

So finally, what are the pieces that fit the bill for any gentleman’s needs? One can boil down the collection down to 4 carefully selected styles. The first is a handheld bag suitable for work, reasonably slim so you can travel without difficulty. These days, totes are more common than briefcases. The second is a piece of luggage suitable for carrying onto a plane or for a weekend away. Rolling bags are popular and easier to use, but it is key to find something that has a classic design otherwise wheels run the risk of looking tasteless. The third is something slightly larger that might suit for a week or two, many traditional luggage brands including Chapman Bags and Pickett offer a holdall that comes in a variety of sizes depending on the customer’s needs. The fourth is more leisure orientated, such as a rucksack depending on personal preference and habits. A variety in luggage choices is indicative of the way people live in the modern day. Wardrobes are more casual, lifestyles are quicker and faster, and travel is easier. The style of luggage has become reflective of this. Holdalls are more common as opposed to hard cased suitcases, rucksacks more popular to allow for handheld devices, wheels for ease of long distances. The key is discovering a collection that is best suited to your personal lifestyle but is guaranteed to last and maintain your personal sense of style throughout the journey. The Gentleman Magazine | 95