The Gentleman Magazine Issue 3 | June/July - Page 94

Have Bag Will Travel The Gentleman Magazine speaks to three craft brands who specialise in fine luggage, and provide a few thoughts on what would constitute the ultimate gentleman’s collection. Pickett is known as one of the leading luxury leather goods brands that many consider an emporium of fine textiles in rich colours made from unparalleled quality. Trevor explains the importance of this fine quality when describing canvas craft, “With modern restrictions on weight, we have developed a lighter weight canvas that with the implementation of technology, it has the same intensity of weave and a moth repellent finish as well as a great look, it hardly reminds one of a canvas a tent might be made out of. We have amazing new contemporary colours including green, sand and new navy which makes the gentleman’s product distinctive without compromising how well made it is.” Pickett reflects on how the brand’s customer are travelling now with less formal clothes. Whereas one day the items on the packing list may have been a smoking jacket, black tie and all the items that go with it, people do not dress as formally any longer. Additionally, central heating in large country homes means less need for thick layers, and so on and so forth. With all of the change in what the customer needs, which Pickett classifies as evolution rather than revolution, the product reflects this. Working with a series of workshops all in England for many years, the proximity of the team producing such pieces means the best result can be achieved. With a focus on quality and technological development, but not forgetting what makes 94 | The Gentleman Magazine Pickett distinctive, the luggage reflects a strong sense of timelessness with contemporary twists. This balance is what Trevor finds to be an important element in finding the perfect luggage set. With this concept in mind, we consider Chapman Bags as a brand that maintains a similar ethos. Originally  a manufacturer of fishing and shooting bags, John Chapman makes hand crafted canvas, leather and tweed bags for travel, leisure, business and sporting activities. All bags are made in the Tannery Road factory in Carlisle, Cumbria, part of an old industrial site dating back over 300 years. With a focus on local, British production and only implementing the finest textiles, Daniel Chamier of Chapman Bags reflects on why the gentleman might seek a fine luggage collection in the first place. “I can’t really imagine turning up for a weekend away somewhere nice, towing a plastic trolley behind me. Nor can I imagine wearing a £5000 suit to work while carrying a supermarket shopping bag full of papers.” It is evident that the luggage chosen is an extension of one’s wardrobe and personal sense of style. Functionality is also key. “My general view is that most bags only need a handful of essential features: first, an exterior pocket for keys and so forth; second, at least one internal divider or pocket to help with organisation; and finally in the case of luggage a lockable zip, the best bein g the kind with interlocking metal circles.”