The Gentleman Magazine Issue 3 | June/July - Page 73

Rear Tubus rack S&S couplings Choice of tyres Price S&S couplings Pathfinder Rival 1 £2800 Pathfinder Force 1 £3000 Pathfinder Rohloff £3500 Pathfinder Tour £3500 Price (basic spec) Wayfarer 8 £2000 Wayfarer 14 £2800 wayfarer 22 £3200 Pathfinder: Reynolds 921 stainless steel frame, TIG welded 650B/27.5” wheels Disc brakes 1x11 2x11orRohloffgearing Off road drop bar riding position A modern adventure touring bike for on and off road use. Unpainted stainless steel tubing won't scratch like paint. 650X42/48 tyres with mudguards for road use or 27.5 x 2.2 tyres for off road use. 1 x 11 gearing for simplicity or 2 x 10/11 for very wide range touring ratios. Low trail fork for load carrying over front wheel. 110Mm through axle on front wheel for extra strength. British made Hope wheelset. Four gearing options – SRAM Rival 1x11, SRAM Force 1x11, SRAM/White Ind 2x11, Rohloff Three brake options – Mechanical disc, hybrid hydraulic, full hydraulic Target owners: Modern adventure cyclo tourists, off road day explorers, gravel racers. This type of bike has become very popular in the last few years as the go to bike for people after a bike that will do a bit of everything. Upgrades: Brakes – hybrid or full hydro Gearing – SRAM Rival as standard,upgrade to Force Brooks saddle options, Cambrium as standard Front rack Frame bags Saddle bags Choice of tyres for on or off road riding The Gentleman Magazine | 73