The Gentleman Magazine Issue 3 | June/July - Page 45

The HP Z31x image quality is delivered on a true 10-bit Real IPS panel with more than 1 billion colours, including consistent on- and off-axis black levels. HP improved on this IPS technology – inventing new processes that allow for incredible deep blacks, minimal black lift and rich shadow detail.    The pop-up colourimeter of the HP Z31x automatically calibrates the display on demand or on a regular calibration schedule and can even be scheduled to run off hours so creative juices aren't interrupted. The built-in colourimeter can also be aligned with an in-house reference instrument for consistent, accurate colours facility-wide. The built-in colourimeter maintains perfect colour accuracy, and the display works in true 10-bit colour delivering HP’s widest colour gamut ever (99 percent of DCI-P3).   The HP Z31x is designed with the features demanded by industry-leading digital creators: an integrated KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switch, True 2K viewing, markers and masks, and much more. The built-in KVM of the HP Z31x can switch between two computers with a quick keyboard shortcut, allowing the user to share one display, keyboard and mouse between two computers. Many artists have two computers, a Linux® box with their animation/compositing app and a Windows® box with Adobe® Photoshop or internet access. Users can minimize distractions with auto dimming front buttons and select between red lights for minimal impact to night vision, or turn off completely for a distraction free environment. HP’s Most Affordable DreamColor Display   The HP Z24x G2 DreamColor Display delivers the colour accuracy and consistency that has become synonymous with the HP DreamColor brand. This DreamColor display’s affordable price allows every artist to have a professional colour accurate display on their desks. The HP Z24x, HP’s most affordable colour-critical display, offers: • A 24-inch diagonal DreamColor panel that produces up to 1 billion colours from a massive colour gamut covering 99 percent of Adobe® RGB. • Pure, consistent colour accuracy from design to production with colour calibration on the amazingly affordable display. • ush-button colour space selection. • Calibration software for both Windows® and macOS supporting both the X-Rite i1Display Pro and the Klein Instruments K10-A colourimeters.   Pricing and Availability: The HP DreamColor Z24x G2 Display is scheduled to be available in EMEA in July. The HP Z31x DreamColor Studio Display is scheduled to be available in EMEA in September. Pricing is available upon request. The Gentleman Magazine | 45