The Gentleman Magazine Issue 3 | June/July - Page 41

• Certifications – BlackBerry has 80+ security certifications, from governments and independent authorities around the world, which is more than any other mobile vendor • Industry Rated #1: Gartner scores BlackBerry software #1 in all six categories of its critical capabilities for high- security mobility management report.  We are the only company to have ever achieved this position • Setting The Standard – BlackBerry is working with a number of organizations to define and construct cybersecurity standards for EoT devices and self-driving cars.  We are continuing to expand the application of BlackBerry software and solutions to additional endpoints so, as the world becomes increasingly connected, BlackBerry security will help keep you and your data safe.  Market Share Leadership • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) – BlackBerry software has the highest EMM market share worldwide • Connected Cars – BlackBerry software is in over 60% of all cars on the road today globally • Government Trusted – All 7 of the G7 and 15 of the G20 governments are BlackBerry Secure customers Expanding Market Reach • Cross-Platform – We want everyone to be able to be BlackBerry Secure, so we have made our solutions platform agnostic • Endpoint-To-Endpoint – BlackBerry Secure is a scalable platform and we are constantly applying it to additional endpoints.  For example, last year we launched BlackBerry Radar, our end-to-end asset tracking system for trucking companies and private fleet operators • Cybersecurity Consulting – BlackBerry SHIELD, our mobile security best practices assessment, is available to all enterprises   Licensing Strategy. John Chen Executive Chairman & CEO, BlackBerry So, what does EoT mean for BlackBerry smartphones?  We implemented a licensing strategy for BlackBerry smartphones, which entails outsourcing hardware development and operations.   Importantly, the smartphones that our licensing partners produce run on BlackBerry Secure Android software developed by BlackBerry.  The strategy ensures BlackBerry smartphones continue to be available, maintaining a core part of the company's history.  It also enables our software and solutions strategy to fully take root, positioning the company for contin ՕɽѠ + !ɔ́QQɔ)Q́Ʌѕمѥ́ٽٕ 䁙ɽ)͵ՙɕȁѼѡЁٕ́ѡ+a͵Ё͵ϊdɽݥ役ѡЁѼѡa͵)ٕQd + ) ͕ɕ́́䁕́役)͵́ѽ䰁͕ͽ̰ݕɅ̰)Qѱ5饹