The Gentleman Magazine Issue 3 | June/July - Page 40

BlackBerry: Why It Is Everyone’s Must-Have In The Beginning.  Securing The Enterprise Of Things. Since BlackBerry, or RIM as it was known at the time, was founded in 1984 it has been an innovator and a market leader.  Starting with the pager and the smartphone, with the world- famous keyboard and blinking red light, and taking the world by storm with BBM.   The New BlackBerry. For EoT to be successful, security is a must have component.  Last year cybercrime cost the global economy $450 billion and it is expected that 25% of enterprise security attacks will be because of connected Things by 2020.   BlackBerry is distinctly qualified to address the EoT market and is leading the way in defining the category.  When I joined BlackBerry, three years ago, the company was rapidly losing smartphone market share, but it was obvious to me that we had something unique and winning.   The secret sauce?  BlackBerry Security.  Today we have taken our unique quality and turned it into a market-leading strategy – securing the Enterprise of Things (EoT).   What Is EoT? In most industries the enterprise market is bigger than the consumer market; the Internet of Things (IoT) is no exception.  Spend on IoT in 2016 was valued at $737 billion, with most of that spend occurring in enterprise.  This is why when it comes to ‘Things’, BlackBerry is focused on EoT.  40 | The Gentleman Magazine  Security Leadership • BlackBerry Secure – BlackBerry has developed the foundational platform to secure, connect and mobilize EoT, from end-point to end-point; BlackBerry Secure • Heritage – Security has been our #1 priority from day one, that is 30+ years, and our position as a leader of secure mobility solutions is widely recognized • IP – With 39,000 patents, BlackBerry has one of the largest and healthiest security patent portfolios in the market • Cryptography – We provide the world’s most secure cryptography solution; Certicom