The Gentleman Magazine Issue 3 | June/July - Page 16

Zara’s love of Rolex predates her becoming a Testimonee. Her first timepiece was given to her by her godmother, the wife of motor racing legend, Sir Jackie Stewart, who himself had been a Rolex Testimonee for many years. “When I went to Aachen in 2006, I met the Rolex team and we discussed the idea of becoming a Testimonee. We confirmed our partnership after I won that event and my first Rolex. It was incredible, it was almost better than the winner’s medal, it was a beautiful, classic and timeless piece I will always treasure, engraved with the words ‘World Champion’. To become involved with Rolex professionally together with all the accomplished people Rolex support is such an honour.” The Academy has already proven its success with 21-year- old Irish showjumper Bertram Allen, who became Rolex’s youngest addition to their sponsorship family. Bertram was only 18 when he was selected to train with show jumping star Marcus Ehning in Germany, in the first year of the Academy’s inception. Like all the trainees, Allen was also schooled beyond the sport in subjects such as mental coaching, team building skills, best practice in running stables, as well as a grounding in marketing, communication and legal issues. Of his time at the Academy, Bertram Allen says: “There is so much more to consider than just competing. You need to have a well- organized business head to bring it all together for the big events. In terms of competing skills, Marcus Ehning taught me to think and plan two to three jumps ahead which helped relax my riding style for the better.” A PRECISION SPORT WITH SHARED VALUES Rolex shares many values and attributes with the elegant sport of equestrianism. The Olympic disciplines of show jumping, dressage and eventing are physically exacting, requiring accuracy, grace and strength. All of these qualities are mirrored in the creation of a Rolex wristwatch. HARNESSING HERITAGE AND NURTURING FUTURE TALENT The development and future of this elegant sport relies, in part, on today’s stars inspiring the future generation. Scott Brash, acknowledged this role, along with his own achievement, after winning the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping in 2015: “I grew up watching Rodrigo Pessoa riding Baloubet du Rouet. I never thought that one day I might be motivating a new generation of young riders to take up the sport.” To ensure the ongoing development of new talent, Rolex supported the creation of The Young Riders Academy in 2014. Prior to its creation there was no suitably structured coaching system in show jumping, unlike other O ǖ27'G26FƗrFV"VVR6FBW&FvRFRVr&FW'26FVאV6ǒ&V6RFR7B&W7FvW2G&r6W'6Rf&RvF&W76fRVGV6F&w&R2'BbFR6FVB7G&vVB6VV7F&6W72v2W7F&Ɨ6VBf"VG&G2'Vb66Ɨ6VBf&W"WVW7G&&FW'2FR&w&R6VFW26RBFR6FVגB6F>( &&BBG&rB6RbWW&^( 2F7F&W26VFrf6ƗFW2'V'&WFW7FVRWf7FWBvW"bFVvB6rVrf"g&6RBFR&#bǖ2vW2bFRvVFVvPfW"FR7BcV'2&WfR&VVVW'2FRv&WVW7G&v&B7W'FrWfVG27V62FR&Ww&@6b6rVrFFW7BFRv&N( 2&W7B'6R@&FW"6&F2F&V6WrVvG2vFFR7'Fp&V6֖&ǒfW"FR7B6VGW'66RFR6v0fVFVB&WfR6FVVBFFBBfFRFV 62FWV6W2&W27VFfFVBVGW&rVv7vFFRWVW7G&v&BB2r"f&6RB&VBFRfW7B&FW'26WFF2B7FGWF2rVBF2'FW'6v6FVRF7G&VwFVBFVWV'VFrFPWVW7G&WfVB6VF"BV'&6rWrV&W'2FG0FW7FVRf֖ǒ66FVrF6VVBG2RFP7F'bF2w&VB7'B