The General Data Protection Regulation UK Spelling - Page 5

ecutive and strategic hiring? It’s not all doom and gloom However, whilst there are significant financial and reputational implications for failing to comply with the changes, it is not all doom and gloom. Instead, rather than focusing on the burden of preparing for the GDPR and the penalties associated with breaches, the new rules can be viewed as an opportunity to enhance working practices and the quality of data stored. Compliance with the GDPR will foster a culture of data confidence amongst an organisation’s clients and candidates. Moreover, a greater level of transparency and accountability for information held and transferred will enhance working practices. The GDPR is an opportunity to enhance the quality of data held as the changes will ensure businesses invest more time in thinking about the data that they capture, its future use and how it is stored and transferred. Adhering to the GDPR is a demonstration of the quality of your operations and will strengthen relationships with clients and candidates through a greater level of transparency and increased confidence that you adhere to the highest standards. SAN FRANCISCO | NEW YORK | LONDON | READING | PRAGUE | KUALA LUMPUR | SYDNEY