The General Data Protection Regulation UK Spelling - Page 3

Introduction from David Grundy From May 2018, all organisations that handle the data of EU citizens will be required to comply with a single set of rules in relation to data governance, regardless of where the organisation is located. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will materially impact the way in which data is stored, shared and moved and this will have a significant impact on the working practices of the executive search professional. Organisations have to be fully prepared by the May 2018 deadline and it is critical that we invest time in developing an awareness and understanding of the GDPR, so that we can plan and implement changes and ensure compliance with the new legislation. The implications of failing to comply with the changes are considerable and well documented. However, whilst meeting the new requirements will require significant investment, we believe that the GDPR also presents opportunities for the executive search profession. We recognise our role in compliance is critical. As the provider of the platform on which you run your business, you will look to us to bring solutions for you to manage the risks, and simplify complexity. At Invenias, we are committed to working in partnership with our customers to ensure a streamlined journey to compliance. Our customers benefit from data protection being at the heart of the design, build and operation of our technologies. This guide should not be taken as a substitute for legal advice, but I hope it will provide a useful point of reference as you prepare for the May 2018 deadline. David Grundy CEO SAN FRANCISCO | NEW YORK | LONDON | READING | PRAGUE | KUALA LUMPUR | SYDNEY