The GameOn Magazine Issue 58 - Page 3

Welcome H ello, bountiful magazine readers! This month we bring you a cornucopia of great articles, reviews and previews as ever before. We discuss Aisha Tyler’s defiant return to the stage at E3 even after the commentary on her appearance last year caused such a ruckus. Off the back of that, we take a look at the following upcoming games; Tom Clancy’s: The Division, and the ‘four versus one coop/ lone wolf’ adventure Evolve from the creators of Left 4 Dead. And whilst it’s not the preview the mag deserves, it’s the one this mag has on Batman: Arkham Knight. We also have a peek at Dragon Age: Inquisition and Sims 4 amongst others. Breaking down the reviews is our thoughts on Wildstar, an MMO from the newly formed Carbine Studios, GRID Autosport races to a score, Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings in for a quick review and Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark gives a rise to the bright spark that reviewed it. You can find us on Twitter @TheGameOnMag and Facebook at The Editor Contributors Editor-in-Chief - Steve Greenfield Editor - Kris West Junior Editor - Luke Greenfield Games Critic - Ryan Davies Games Critic - Harrie Bailey Games Critic - Andrew Duncan Games Critic - Andy Mcdonald Games Critic - John Redfern Games Critic - James Furlong Games Critic - James Bralant Games Critic - Jessica Greenfield Games Critic - Curt Hayes Games Critic - Lauren Piersol Games Critic - Ryan Crosby Games Critic - Connie Kuroi Games Critic - Emsey P. Walker Games Critic - Ruth Krabacher Games Critic - Thomas Imrie Games Critic - Neil Hetherington Games Critic - Brandon Richards Games Critic - Joe Pring Games Critic - Matt Young Games Critic - Ross D. Brown Games Critic - Matt Girdler Graphic Design - Steve Dawson Graphic Design - Kris West Research & Proofing - Luke Greenfield Research & Proofing - Jessica Greenfield Issue 58 • August 2014 3 • GameOn Magazine