The GameOn Magazine Issue 58 - Page 18

Articles Diary of an NPC - Entry Two Diary of an NPC - Entry Two Andrew takes us back into the life of an NPC in the second entry in the series. See how those in Skyrim live their day-to-day lives. By Andrew Duncan I n every game you play the main character - the plot revolves around your every moment in the game like as unto a god. Of course, this means you ignore what’s going on with the people around who you’re controlling. The people Issue 58 • August 2014 who drive around, go in and out of stores and generally live their lives. But did you realise there are a limited number of so-called NPCs? To do their jobs in all of these games, especially the heavily-populated ones, they need to be able to come and go as they please. These people don’t think it’s odd to go from deep space to a land of dinosaurs in the space of a week - it’s their way of life. In this series, we follow one of these people - Nigel 18 • GameOn Magazine