The GameOn Magazine Issue 58 - Page 16

Articles Choice in Games Choice in Games Thomas helps to shed some light on the subject of choice within videogames, showing examples and making some suggestions. By Thomas Imrie G ames in some way or another revolve around the idea of choice--be it Mass Effect’s story elements or in something less obviously choice driven, such as choosing when to shoot in Call of Duty. This is the main divide between games and any other medium. While these choices may not affect the way a game will end or what happens to the characters, it is what makes games a game. For example, if we look at The Last Federation, it is a game where you play as an outer space Hydra (I know, badass isn’t it). Your species were a bunch of space dicks, limiting the other species’ science and not allowing them into space, so one day the rest of the species get together and launch a moon into your planet killing all of your race. Apart from you. So now you must try and create a federation so no one else becomes a tyrant. This is where the choices come in as you can choose who you give tech to. Do you help the aggressive race, and let them into the federation early so you can have a police force? Or do you help the pacifist and save the war people for last? This is where the game gets its replayability from all the choices you didn’t make. If it was just a combat driven game it wouldn’t be even nearly as interesting. These choices both moral and logical are what makes this game unique, well that and the space Hydra. Issue 58 • August 2014 16 • GameOn Magazine