The GameOn Magazine Issue 58 - Page 15

Articles Nintendo Post E3 Event but to control as much territory as possible by covering the level in your team’s ink. Oh, and you can transform into a squid to traverse your ink. This allows you to move faster and to areas you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get to, adding a further element of strategy to the game. Also the way the game played out was extremely fun. Close matches were very regular and kept you waiting for the very last little infographic, telling you the exact percentages of the map your team had taken control of. The atmosphere was one of fun and excitement every match so this is only another box ticked by Nintendo. Family friendly? Tick. Innovative, but not so much as to alienate existing fanbase? Tick. Are we seeing a pattern emerging here? Nintendo has this making video games thing down to an art. Just when you think Nintendo Issue 58 • August 2014 are down and out, here’s a new IP that ticks every box and tons of games that show off just how masterful they have become at the creating distinctly Nintendo experiences. Super Smash Bros Lastly, I played possibly the most anticipated game on the whole Wii U platform. I will be honest from the off. Super Smash Bros has never been my thing. Never. I don’t understand it and I don’t really see why it’s so popular. So existing fans will be happy to know I came away feeling...exactly the same way I did when I went in. There are new characters and new levels. That’s what I took away from my time with the game. It’s just Super Smash Bros. If you’re a fan you’ll love it. If you’re not, this won’t change your mind. I had a crash course from the very helpful resident Smash Bros expert, this consisted of him talking at me for about two to three minutes explaining what buttons do what. He was lovely and extremely informative. Unfortunately, the other two players didn’t need his help, so I had my arse handed to me several times. While I pressed buttons and hoped to do something. Overall Impressions So after