The GameOn Magazine Issue 58 - Page 14

Articles Nintendo Post E3 Event and adorable extremely well and this is no exception. Toad is simply the cutest little guy. He has no attacks to speak of so he’s entirely passive. The whole game is based around manipulating the environment to find all the treasure and get to the end of the area. There are various obstacles in the way of that goal including enemies, which you can manipulate with your finger on the touchpad to move them out of Toads way, and the environment itself also moveable with the touchpad. This is the big gimmick: move the gamepad around and as you do, you rotate the level. This allows you to gain a better view of the puzzle you’re up against and where those pesky hidden crystals, that inhabit every level, are. boss level where I was tasked with navigating a room with a giant dragon in it and getting Captain Toad through safely. All of the levels had me engrossed and I wanted to beat them. This game has hit written all over it. Not only is it challenging for children but adults with find themselves scratching their heads thinking about where that last crystal could be hidden. This may actually be the game that tips me over the edge on the decision to buy a Wii U. Splatoon New IP from Nintendo? “What is this madness?” I hear you shout. Well calm down, you’ll be happy to know that even at this stage it’s polished and mechanically fantastic. A game I wish I could have had more time with. In typical Nintendo fashion, there are gimmicks galore here: you must use the gamepad’s motion controls to look up and down, there are no bullets, instead there is ink and the aim is not to kill your opponents The game simply caught my imagination. I was shown three separate levels that showed off different aspects of the game. Straight forward puzzle solving and getting from one end of the level to the next, an on-rails section that played like a first-person shooter using the gamepad as your reticle, and lastly a Issue 58 • August 2014 14 • GameOn Magazine