The GameOn Magazine Issue 58 - Page 12

Articles Nintendo Post E3 Event company’s games seem to ooze, but it looks stunning. I didn’t get a huge amount of time with this so there really isn’t much else to say. It was fun but it still just felt like Dynasty Warriors: Zelda. Is that a bad thing? I think you already have the answer to that. Yoshi’s Wooly World There is one word to describe this game: adorable. It’s classic Nintendo design. Get from the far left of the level the far right and do it by jumping, bouncing and throwing your way to solving the simple puzzles that line the gorgeous worlds. Issue 58 • August 2014 While very clearly a game aimed at the lower end of the age spectrum, the game is so much fun to play that it just blew my mind. It may be the same thing we’ve been doing for years on Nintendo systems but the platforming feels challenging yet simple. This is something not to be understated with all of the games coming out in the next year or so for Nintendo: refinement within creativity. The cuteness doesn’t stop with the visual design but also the way in which you dispatch foes or, even accidentally, your friends. All that was on display was the two player co-op, which doesn’t seem to offer any unique differences over going it solo, except being able to suck up your co-op partner and throw them anywhere seems like a neat little trick. Although my Nintendo rep that played the level with me might not have thought so when I threw her off the edge of a sunflower to her peril. When you do come undone, you are respawned as a cute little wooly egg that floats from the top of the screen. A nice little touch is that you can shake the gamepad to descend faster. This idea of using the controller’s motion functions, in a small