The GameOn Magazine Issue 58 - Page 11

Articles Nintendo Post E3 Event May Cry 4 or Ninja Gaiden 2, it had its fantastic moments and Platinum had secured their place as a supergroup of the game development world. Bayonetta 2 then was, frankly, more of the same. If anything it’s more frantic and hectic than the original. The new mechanic of the Umbran Climax just makes things even more insane than before allowing Bayonetta to use these huge claw attacks to take down anything in her way. This literally decimates groups of enemies bosses. This climax can be activated when your magic bar is full and it recharges your health while in use. game that focuses so heavily on dodging, it’s important. I cannot overstate how much this improves this game (and the original which I also had playtime with) and makes things just that little bit better. Hyrule Warriors Yes! Something else familiar! Let’s start at the obvious. This is a Dynasty Warriors game that has been reskinned for the Zelda franchise. To most people, though, this won’t matter; its got the Zelda name and that’s enough. How does it play? Exactly like Dynasty Warriors. The only big change to the formula I saw was the bosses. Every now and then a large boss creature would be brought onto the field that would need bashing. Why so different? Well, you can’t just hack away at it, well you can but you won’t get far, you have to use specific moves and items at certain times like any normal Zelda boss battle. I was impressed with the visual fidelity of the title as well. It’s that bold coloured, cartoony Nintendo style that all of the Also, being dialed up to eleven wouldn’t even describe the opening moments of this game. I played the prologue and it was simply non-stop. I had at least three mini boss fights and one humongous one at the end. Platinum has not only fine tuned the combat but also the level design. Lastly, I would like to mention the fact that this game is running at 60fps 1080p. This might seem like the expected standard nowadays, but for a Issue 58 • August 2014 11 • GameOn Magazine