The GameOn Magazine Issue 58 - Page 10

Articles Nintendo Post E3 Event Nintendo Post E3 Event For the second year running, Nintendo have a post-E3 event. We got a hands-on with all of their latest and greatest and this is the summary of that event! By James Furlong W e here at GameOn Mag didn’t manage to get a huge team to E3 this year so we were grateful to be invited to a Nintendo post E3 event to get hands on with all the new titles coming out in the next few months for the Wii U and 3DS. It was an enlightening experience for someone such as myself who has held off on purchasing a Wii U or 3DS seeing as, up to this point, I didn’t feel like there was a game on either system that could justify the price of a new console. Bayonetta 2 I would say to anyone who’s been on the fence about the Wii U since its release, that if you get the chance to play some of its upcoming games, you should. With that said let’s talk about some of those games you should be looking forward to. When I first entered I felt this was the closest thing to a comfortable feeling I was going to get in the whole event. I’ve played the original Bayonetta to completion and really enjoyed myself with it. While it felt less fluid than say Devil As someone who skipped the Wii altogether (seeing as everyone I knew had one I felt no need to own one) this was the kind of experience I had never expected. I went in with no desire to own a Wii U and left looking at my finances to see if I could afford one! Issue 58 • August 2014 10 • GameOn Magazine