The Fossickers Way Visitor Guide Volume 1 - Page 16

Inverell I PIONEER VILLAGE Located to the south of the town on the opposing side of the Macintyre River, the Inverell Pioneer Village is a collection of preserved 19th century homes and buildings that have been assembled to depict an historic colonial village. The buildings include a post office, a printing office, a pub, a miner’s hut, a church, a hall, a school, a blacksmith’s hut, a telephone exchange, a farrier’s shop, a shearing shed, a cottage which displays a collection of gems and minerals, and a homestead with a stringybark roof which serves as a museum for artifacts of the era. 16 nverell is a charming rural centre located on a sweeping bend in the mighty Macintyre River. Defined by its riverfront parklands and charming streets lined with heritage buildings, Inverell is a mixed farming district that produces maize, grapes, wheat, barley, olives and oats. But since the mid1800s Inverell has also been known for the mining of tin, sapphires, zircons and diamonds. These geological blessings allowed Inverell to prosper financially, and on a noncommercial level have made the area a popular waypoint for fossickers looking for topaz, quartz, silver, sapphires and more. There are a number of fossicking areas surrounding Inverell, both public and private. Inverell is also heralded for its arts and culture. It’s home to the excellent Inverell Art Gallery, which is located in a gorgeous historic building and combines a gallery with a craft centre and studio workspace. Inverell is on the doorstep of some excellent outdoor recreation locations, from Copeton Dam outside town to Campbell Park on the riverfront in the heart of the city. The latter is a beautiful stretch of parkland with established trees and a fabulous playground for the kids, and even has a rotunda where performances are sometimes held. Driving into Inverell from the west, the park makes a wonderful first impression of the town. Inverell produces wine that is unique to the area due to the cool winters and high altitude, and local vignerons are putting the region on the wine lovers’ map by winning awards at wine shows around the country. And of course, wine and olives go hand-in-hand, and in Inverell grow alongside one another in perfect harmony. There are numerous cellar doors and olive groves to visit in this region.