The Fleur De Lis Summer-End Edition 2016 - Page 5


A company's mission, vision, and values are what defines it. They are established to set forth the aspiration of the company, the company's hope for the future and the standards by which it will get there.

Trinity is built on a set of principles grounded in the faith and belief in the Word of God. Trinity practices those foundational beliefs through conscious efforts within our leadership teams, programming and in the way we provide our services.

It is important for each our staff members, including leadership and team members, to understand and embrace our mission and core beliefs. We must remain dedicated and inspired to fullfill those established statements -- and keep them etched in our memories as we provide love and care to our residents, and ensurance and hope to their family members.

Understanding those beliefs will help each employee to provide the best care and services to our residents and their families.


To change the lives of those we serve for the better



We BELIEVE our customers were ceated by God with individual rights to age in place.

We BELIEVE the spirit of a person is instrumental to their well-being.

We BELIEVE the human body was wonderfully and perfectly made with the ability to heal itself