The Fleur De Lis Summer-End Edition 2016 - Page 23


Recently, I've fallen in love with something that I'd previously taken for granted. It certainly served its purpose as a garnish on a glass of water or iced tea, and occasionally, I would even squeeze a little of its juice into my beverage for a slight citrusy tang. But little did I know, that there were so many other practical uses for this fruit-lemons

It all began when I was looking for a natural deodorant, having grown wary of the potentially harmful ingredients like aluminum (which has been tied to breast cancer) found in most deodorants on store shelves. I'd tried other "natural" deodorants, and needless to say, I was totally unimpressed. The store bought natural deodorants just didn't stack up. I was done! And completely frustrated.

I started to think that there has to be a more natural option that was better than the store bought natural deodorants and I was on a mission to find it. During my search, I came across many household alternatives for deodorants from tea tree oil -- to witch hazel -- to apple cider vinegar( don't try this at home folks, just don't do it). But, it wasn't until I read about the power of lemons that I was convinced I'd found something that just might work!

I learned that the compounds found in lemon's citric acids neutralizes the odor causing bacteria typically found in sweat.

I tried it and it worked! After showering, simply squeeze a little lemon juice on a cotton ball and dab on. It could also be applied by squeezing the juice directly to the hand and rubbing it on.

Using lemons as a natural deodorant

alternative is just one of the many ways to

maximize the use of this amazing fruit.

Five more Fantastic Ways to use Lemons:

Remove scratches from furniture: Mix equal parts lemon juice and Salad oil and rubbing into scratches with a soft cloth.

Clean your microwave: Take a 1/2 cup of water and fill bowl. Squeeze all lemon juice into bowl. Microwave and let stand for 5 minutes trapping the steam inside to loosen food gunk. Wipe with towel.

Remove rust from kitchen knives: Simply soak in lemon juice.

Strengthen your nails: Add lemon juice to 2 tables spoons of olive oil and rub directly on nails.

Drink it: Instead of using the lemon as a garnish, squeeze plenty of the citrus in your water. It has alkalizing properties and could also help lower inflammation, aid digestion, keep skin clear & wrinkle free, and detox your liver and entire system. Drink hot water and lemon first thing in the morning before breakfast. This could aid in weight lose by ramping up metabolism and breaking down body fat.

Those are just a few of the countless ways to use the power of lemons. So, don't pass up the large bag of lemons found in your grocery's produce section. Buy a bag and be amazed at all the cool ways you could use can use this awesome fruit. .