The Fisherman's Journal Volume Three Issue X - Page 42

LIVELIVE is about the DOer. It’s about DOing things that make you feel ALIVE. It’s about DOing them – RIGHT NOW! It’s about finding true happiness through action and engagement. It’s not exclusive to kayak fishing, but it’s where it all started for me. K ayak fishing is one of the most engaging and relaxing things I have ever done. It’s a sport for the DOer and the adventurer. It extends beyond the primary goal of simply getting ON THE FISH. It’s a sport where you can personalize your ride, equipment and your overall experience from the ground up. You research, watch YouTube videos, you sketched it up and then you go DO it. Before every trip you go over your possible launches, the conditions, the target fish, the techniques and strategies - you pick out and load up your gear accordingly. Then you go DO it. You’re engaged and in action well before you even hit the water. You look at your brand new kayak and On the water, you access and adapt in realimagine all the ways you could rig it up. time to try and get on THE FISH. You’re page 42 I started kayak fishing at a time when I needed it most, over 3 years ago my mom got diagnosed with congestive heart failure. CHF is a condition that doesn’t just go away or get better, it literally means your heart can stop at anytime, but otherwise you live normally. As the youngest child and “Momma’s Boy” – the news had a major and immediate impact on me and would change the course of my life forever. Those few years before I got my kayak, I had finally achieved - by most standards, a “successful” life. I got my degree, landed a job, kept the job and grew rapidly to build a career for myself. I had purchased my first home in a great neighborhood. I went out almost every night, living the “Good” Life. I had become a grown-up. I completed the checklist and criteria I was taught to follow to be successful – but I was unhappy. VOLUME THREE -- ISSUE 10 VOLUME THREE -- ISSUE 10 kayaking and fishing at the same time, propelling yourself with your own power and making your own decisions. With kayak fishing, you are in complete control, reaping the results instantly either by getting on THE FISH or learning those valuable lessons. Through kayak fishing - you are living your life NOW, in the moment, in the present. You are ALIVE. How could I be successful AND unhappy? I felt guilty for feeling unhappy. As a child of immigrant parents and having lived in a third world country I felt ungrateful for feeling unhappy. I felt even more depressed, for feeling depressed in the first place. Ironically, I didn’t even know I was unhappy, as a logical person - it just didn’t make any sense to me. I felt empty and spent most nights doing things that were supposed to be fun: eating out, making friends and hitting up bars. I was distracting myself and getting numb – because the life I had built didn’t really make me feel alive anymore. The key thing to remember is that ALL these goals, ALL those aspirations are really meant to get you to the ultimate goal: happiness. The point is to be happy. We can chase and achieve all our goals, but unless those goals are true page 43