The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 9

FOREWORD A History in Stories Ian Hambleton The Fields Institute is twenty-five years old, but its Directors and Deputy Directors have changed every few years. Such renewal brings different perspectives, but it also means that no Director has been around for the entire twenty-five years of the Institute’s existence. That is why a book like this is especially important. Gathering reminiscences from various people involved with the Institute over the years is a crucial part of preserving our history—witnessing the struggle to get started and funded, celebrating the amazing communities of mathematicians and research programs that have evolved over the years, and sharing all the amusing stories and incidents that are bound to happen at a place that is such a vibrant hub of activity. Looking back also provides momentum for the future. If we have been able to accomplish so much over the past twenty-five years, we can certainly thrive for twenty-five more! The importance of mathematics in society has never been more apparent. From artificial intelligence to quantum computing, from climate change to disease detection, from big data to cybersecurity, mathematical research is key. The Fields