The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 81

The Diversity of Intellectual Activity 59 the NCE Mitacs as a joint effort of the Fields Institute, Centre de Recherches Mathématiques, and Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences. One of my lasting memories is a midnight meeting at Fields preparing the final proposal to the NCE program together with Arvind Gupta, who went on to be the brilliant leader of Mitacs for fifteen years developing innovative programs of collaborative research and training across Canada. During my years at Fields I was fortunate to have the opportunity to observe the creative work taking place day-by-day as well as many memorable and inspiring lectures by leading mathematicians and scientists. Since my term ended in 2000, I have watched with interest the continued development of Fields as one of the leading international mathematics institutes and its wide range of activities. These include the widening of the Centre for Financial Industry, Centre for Mathematical Medicine, and Centre in Mathematical Education. Of particular note is the series of Fields Medal Symposia, which bring some of the recent major developments in mathematics to the attention of the public and the mathematical community. Fields also plays a key role at the participating universities, including my own, by supporting local research activities and events. My most recent experience at Fields was the World Congress in Probability and Statistics which was hosted by Fields during summer 2016. The organization produced by the Chair of the local organizing committee, Tom Salisbury, and the Fields staff was highly professional. The success of the Fields Institute is a result of the dedicated work of many individuals. Members of the Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Panel, and the Fields staff have, over the past twenty-five years, collectively produced a remarkable institution which has served a vast community of