The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 75

From Seedling to Maturity 53 Who Would Want to Be the Director, or Deputy Director, for that Matter? When I was appointed to the Fields Board, Don Dawson of Carleton University was in the process of picking up the reins as the Institute Director. I believe Bradd Hart had been, or was about to be appointed Deputy Director. The initial Toronto management team was in place. A recurring challenge during those early years was securing the services of qualified individuals who would serve as Director. After all, the Institute was new and had no track record. It was still a start-up with respect to staffing and premises, and could offer at most a five-year term with no possibility of further extension and thus no employment security. We ran for a period without a Director. Bradd Hart, who had been Deputy Director, stepped into the breach as Acting Director, and did a great job. We kept trying to entice someone to take on the role. I don’t know who twisted Ken Davidson’s arm so hard that he stepped forward and pulled the Institute forward. By then, the Institute had gained a degree of credibility and when it came time for a search, potential candidates would step forward at their own initiative: Barbara Keyfitz, Ed Bierstone, Water Craig, and Ian Hambleton. Curiously enough, while initially it was tough sledding persuading individuals to take on the Director role, we seemed to have much less difficulty attracting very high quality Deputy Directors: Bradd Hart, Tom Salisbury, Juris Steprans, Matthias Neufang, and Matheus Grasselli.