The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 54

32 Peter Lancaster 2. Phillip Griffiths, Director, Institute for Advanced Study 3. Ronald Douglas, SUNY at Stony Brook 4. Priscilla Greenwood, University of British Columbia 5. Peter Fillmore, Dalhousie University 6. Peter Lancaster, University of Calgary 7. Janet Halliwell, Chair, Nova Scotia Council on Higher Education 8. David Campbell, University of Illinois 9. Hans Weinburger, Director, Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications It was an extraordinary experience! A motor coach was provided to transport the committee from one Ontario university to another to hear the various proposals. We travelled comfortably to Ottawa, Kingston, London, Hamilton, Toronto, among others, in a trip that was well organized by Sandra Valeriote and Sue Embro. It included hotel accommodation for several days as required. In addition to Committee members, there were several other people on the bus trip, which has since become legendary: 1. Jerrold Marsden, University of California, Berkeley, first Director of the Fields Institute 2. Bill Shadwick, University of Waterloo, first Deputy Director of the Fields Institute 3. Dana Sally, Librarian, University of West Virginia; Consultant on Mathematical Libraries 4. Sue Embro, Fields Institute