The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 28

6 W.F. Shadwick proposals for a second round of funding. The Campaign Extends to McMaster and Toronto Adrian Bondy introduced me to Carl Riehm at McMaster University, the first person outside Waterloo to get involved in supporting the idea. Carl was successful in recruiting others from McMaster’s Mathematics Department, Bernhard Banaschewski, John Chadam, Ian Hambleton, and Vic Snaith as well as the McMaster Vice President Academic, Les King. It was also Carl who made the connection to Steve Halperin at the University of Toronto. Halperin led Toronto’s contributions and this completed the trio of universities that became the initial backers. The administrators responsible for research at these universities had been working together in the campaign for additional research funding from Ontario, and their past co-operative experience was to be important in the eventual success of our proposal. An Institute Needs a Director The first Director at MSRI was Chern. His name alone gave the new Institute instant scientific credibility. We needed to find someone who could do the same thing. In the summer of 1987, I phoned Jerry Marsden to tell him about our campaign and, assuming he liked its prospects, to ask if he would be interested in being the first Director. I knew Jerry’s work in some detail but had only met him on a couple of occasions. I was half expecting him to tell me not to waste any more of my time on a hopeless project. But that’s not what happened.