The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 189

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank all our contributors for ransacking their memories and files in order to tell their stories about the Fields Institute. Together, they have written not a history but rather a collection of recollections. I would particularly like to thank Tanya Nebesna for providing me with links to Fields Fellows, now widely scattered; to Malgosia Ip, Fields Communications Officer, and Peter Herriman for their painstaking work in assembling this collection; and to Siobhan Roberts and Ted Hsu, Members of the Fields Board of Directors, for their editorial help. Finally, I would like to thank Architect Thomas Payne, partner-in-charge of the construction of the Fields Institute building at 222 College Street, for his generosity in designing the cover of this book. —Elaine McKinnon Riehm