The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 163

Financial Mathematics 141 largest lecture room, and word spread. In fact, it was the largest seminar of its kind anywhere in the world, and Toronto’s reputation grew even further. Nobody dared ask, “Why are you doing Financial Engineering in Toronto?” Fields largest seminar room overflowing with attendees for the Financial Engineering seminar, 2006. Concurrently, the Dean of Graduate Studies, Michael Marrus, and the Provost, Adel Sedra, and I met to create the first Mathematical Finance Program in Canada, located in the Mathematics Department. Luis Seco became our first Risklab director and fiercely fought to create a great training ground for Financial Engineers. Math was buzzing with Finance, and the banks, who were slowly getting better at Enterprise Risk, were happy to scoop up the graduates. This is a great success story and continues to do well. The synergy between