The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 162

140 Ron Dembo friend of mine was completing the new building for the Fields Institute, and John invited me over. I told him of my experience in Toronto, having come from Yale via Goldman Sachs. People used to ask me, “Why are you in Toronto doing Financial Engineering? Should you not be in New York and London? But after a few years of training Financial Engineers and building a prestigious risk management function, the tone had changed. We noodled on this and asked, “Why don’t we start a Financial Engineering Seminar at Fields and make it one of the best in the world?” Ron Dembo and John Mighton at the Fields Institute, 2003. We started it and invited top-notch people to come to Toronto to give seminars. John Chadam was incredibly supportive, and without his help, this would not have happened. The seminar quickly grew to overflowing in Fields’