The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 141

Encountering Mathematics 119 the Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents at this time, I was asked by the provincial ministry to oversee some of this, including an evaluation a few years later. I naturally turned to the mathematics education group at the Fields Institute for assistance. At about this same time, in another mathematics connection, I became aware of and involved with Mitacs (Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems, at that time housed at Simon Fraser University and funded as a National Centre of Excellence under NSERC), partly through some personal connections but mostly because of my role as Vice-President Academic and Provost at York, with a mathematics background and sympathies. I became a member of the Mitacs Board, and later, when that split into Mitacs, Inc. (continuing today) and Mprime (living out the final days of the NCE funding), I went with the Mprime board, but remained for several years on a contractual basis as a Special Advisor to Mitacs’ President and CEO. I am happy to say that for various reasons my engagement with the Fields Institute also began to increase, with some very informal advising on government relations issues, which led to being appointed to the Fields Board—and a few years later to being elected its Chair, which of course has led to a much closer and deeper relationship with the Institute. I am also delighted that some of the people I admired most at Mitacs are now on the Fields board as well. Just as mathematics is central to so much, especially in the modern, technological, interconnected world, so in my mind is the Fields Institute central to the underpinning of mathematics research, pure and applied, in Canada and increasingly beyond.