The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 135

The Fields Medal Symposium 113 The inaugural Fields Medal Symposium set the tone for the four that have already followed, honouring the remaining three 2010 Fields Medallists—Elon Lindenstrauss, Cédric Villani, and Stanislav Smirnov—and the first of the 2014 Medallists, Manjul Bhargava. Jim Stewart graciously hosted a banquet at his home, Integral House, each year, which became a highlight of the Symposium until his death. Fields Medallist Cédric Villani speaking with James Stewart at the Fields Medal Symposium reception at Integral House, 2014. For the Institute’s staff, the Fields Medal Symposium has meant a lot of additional work that they have handled with remarkable professionalism and dedication. I am particularly grateful to Alison Conway, former Manager of Scientific Programs, and beloved by a generation of scientific visitors to the Fields Institute, who not only played a key part in the success of the inaugural Symposium, but also returned to the