The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 134

112 Ed Bierstone and Universities, and Member of the Provincial Parliament for Toronto Centre; the Honourable Bob Rae, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Member of the Parliament of Canada for Toronto Centre, and former Premier of Ontario; His Excellency Le Sy Vuong Ha, Ambassador of Vietnam to Canada; and Ingrid Daubechies, President of the IMU. A special program for high-school and undergraduate students the following evening included talks by Daubechies and Edward Frenkel, mathematician and filmmaker, as well as a panel discussion entitled “Mathematics on Stage” and “Behind the Scenes—To Infinity and Beyond.” The discussion with Daubechies, Frenkel, Ngô, and Jim Stewart, was expertly moderated by Zach Paikin. Fields Medallist Elon Lindenstrauss speaking with a student at the Fields Medal Symposium student night, 2013.