The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 112

90 Barbara Keyfitz know that Fields does not always consult its committees in a timely manner. I suspect that, as usual, most of the work falls to the Director, the Deputy Director, and a few dedicated volunteers. Every so often, a completely new project takes shape. More frequently, a successful program—such as the financial seminar, or the long-term co-operation with Mitacs—gets re-invented as a “Centre for Financial Industries” or “Mitacs Accelerate Fellowships.” There is a new web page and many new activities. The number of incubated companies and industry members has doubled. The Math Ed Forum membership list stretches on for seven pages. The thematic programs sport new and appealing titles. There are a number of new special lecture series, and the old series continue, including one endowed by my parents, who could not suppress their pride when their little girl became the Director of a world-famous mathematics research institute.