The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 111

A Director Is Not a Dictator 89 again. This was successful for a few years, but has now morphed into a more general program to support long-term visitors. (Full disclosure: I have personally benefited from the Research Immersion Fellowships, since one early recipient is now a colleague and collaborator.) Another undertaking aimed at contributing to applied mathematics by instituting a publication venue for industrial case studies. The idea here was not mine, but I was pleased to be able to help implement it. Having observed interactions between academic mathematicians and industrial practitioners whose products might benefit from some mathematical insight, many of us have noted that one bottleneck is how to reward the academic faculty member. Consulting agreements are usually private transactions that may provide a small income stream to academic mathematicians, but effectively shut them off from communicating their results or obtaining any career benefit from their work. With “Mathematics-in-Industry Case Studies,” we set up a refereed journal, published online, with the hope that it would provide a forum for describing the best of these interactions, and for archiving their results. After a rather slow start, the Journal appeared to have found a niche, and was taken over by Springer. (However, as I write this I find that the site has disappeared. I hope this is temporary.) Engaging with the Future Eight years have passed since I left Fields, driving out of Toronto on a very snowy day in mid-December 2008. From the vantage of my new academic home at Ohio State, I watch a continuing stream of my young colleagues leave to spend a semester at Fields. There have been several changes of leadership, considerable turnover of support staff, and much renewal on the Board and on all Fields committees. I see from consulting the Fields website that I am still a member of several committees at the Institute, and so I