The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 110

88 Barbara Keyfitz you will never get any more money.) But after a while I began to see the possibility of some minor changes. The Institute had been quite pro-active in populating some of its committees (for example the Scientific Advisory Panel) with a diverse group of mathematicians, including both women and applied mathematicians, two constituencies about which I was sensitive. But it had not been as effective in making sure that women were well represented as participants in its programs and had not fully realized its mandate, “research in mathematical sciences,” to include applied mathematics. Now, a director is not a dictator. After railing about this in a futile way, I presented the situation to the Institute’s Board of Directors and was gratified to get their agreement: yes, we should be more aggressive about including women in our programs, and yes, initiatives to increase our impact in applied mathematics would be welcomed by the Board. We were able to include proactive statements about inclusivity in our instructions to organizers, and it seemed to pay off, as participation by women, including more women speakers in the honorary lecture series, increased. My favourite line from this initiative came from a Deputy Director. Communicating with an organizer of a workshop, he wrote, “I see that your list of participants to invite does not include any women. Can you explain your reasoning?” While I was Director, we also started a “Centre for Mathematical Medicine” with very ambitious goals that we were unable to fully realize, but the Centre continues as a framework for future activity in this important area. In the middle of my term, Fields received additional funding from the Province. Some of this has been used to expand the PDF program into a set of more stable, multi-year positions; another part funded a special program intended to help women and others who had faced some interruption in their careers for family or medical reasons to immerse themselves in research