The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 103

CHAPTER 16 A Director Is Not a Dictator Barbara Keyfitz “I see that your list of participants to invite does not include any women. Can you explain your reasoning?” If there were only one mathematics research institute in the world, it would likely not thrive; but there are many, and collectively they have changed the culture of research in mathematics, particularly by defining collaboration as beneficial. (There is a similar comment about lawyers thriving only when there is more than one, but I think the reasons are different.) Thus, an essay on the Institute might well start by naming Fields as an example of this cultural shift towards inclusion, co-operation, and communication. Those of us partial to Fields might think of it as a particularly good and successful example, but Fields would not have succeeded without role models. Fields has been spectacularly successful, and now serves as a role model itself. I see the success as having two distinct