The Fields Institute Turns Twenty-Five 170725 Final book with covers - Page 100

78 Walter Craig events planned for young mathematicians. These events, supported by Fields basic funding, have also garnered generous contributions from private donors. The role of the Fields Institute in Canada and Internationally The Institute contributes significantly to the mathematical and scientific life of the country in several ways. 1. It is a key element for the recruitment of intellectual talent. I have outlined above an illustration from my own experiences, and this is parallel with the stories of others who have also been recruited to academic and industry positions in Canada. 2. The Institute provides a point of connection between Canadian mathematical scientists and the international scientific community. It allows us to avoid becoming a backwater. Indeed, no single Canadian academic department can provide the critical mass required to import the level of scientific knowledge that is important for Canadian mathematical research. The Institute is able to do this. 3. Our Canadian science funding agencies have only a narrow range of programs to support our scientific activities. We have reasonable, if relatively humble, research grants (the Discovery Grant Program) which are designed to support our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. In the bigger picture, however, NSERC does not have programs to support scientific conferences, workshops, or meetings. Furthermore, an individual researcher’s Discovery Grant is rarely enough to plan for a regular program of academic visitors. Planning research activities through the Canadian