The Female Entrepreneur Magazine January 2016 January 2016 - Page 7

January 2016 Adoption My husband and I want to adopt a child. What must we do first? For domestic adoptions, the first step is completion of a pre-placement evaluation to determine the prospective parents' fitness and readiness as an adoptive parent or parents. A licensed child placing agency or a licensed social worker can do this evaluation. In addition, a home study must be performed and evaluated according to the Department of Public Health and Human Services' standards or licensed child placing agency's standards. I want to locate my biological parents. How do I do this? You should contact the Department of Public Health and Human Services. However, it is critical to understand that adoption records are sealed as required by law, and gaining access to records of an adoption with an agency that does not participate in the Interstate Compact program is extremely difficult, and will probably require the filing of a motion with the court, although this will not guarantee that permission to unseal the records will be granted. I am a foster parent. How can I adopt the child I foster? Contact your local adoption unit of the Department of Public Health and Human Services. However, no adoption of a foster child may occur until a termination of all parental rights of the biological parents has occurred. You should consult an attorney in your own state to determine the specific laws, requirements and procedures which affect adoption of a foster child. Collections/Credit Someone is using my Driver's license and/ or Social Security card to impersonate