The Female Entrepreneur Magazine January 2016 January 2016 - Page 14

 The Female Entrepreneur Is hyperlocal here to stay? Buzz words have a tendency to come and go, but the concept of marketing to hyperlocal areas has been around since recorded history and is certainly here to stay. The only real change history has shown is in how we deliver our hyper-marketed messages to others. The First Hyperlocal Marketing Tool: The Human Voice Original hyperlocal marketing included a great deal of sound: vendors crying out, hawking wares in the street, fairs and festivals. Word of mouth advertising still remains a very important, and often underrated marketing tool. How more hyperlocal can you get than neighbors chatting over the fence sharing information about local churches, realtors, and sales? Even things as simple as hanging out a shingle, holding town hall meetings, and community events were all early ways of reaching people in close proximity to a place of business. And, nowhere do we see more long lasting effects of hyper marketing via close social interaction than in the spread of religion. Messages delivered over two thousand years ago still resonate with millions of Christian people worldwide. Printed Materials: Wings To Allow The Human Voice To Reach More Locals - And Beyond People can only shout so loud and so long, and the desire to be heard - and remembered - certainly must have played a part in the quest for new ways of printing mass materials. Over time, the ability to print materials afforded exciting and innovative ways to get attention in local areas beyond the street corner: the bill board replaced town fliers, and as newspapers, magazines and books became more widely available, the voice of the town criers were replaced with a new voice: that of writers and journalist. The Female Entrepreneur, Page 14