The Explorer Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 8

NATURE’S ENGINEER: THE BEAVER Saturday, July 7, 3 p.m. Sodalis Nature Park Get those hard hats ready! We’ll be following the beaver’s blueprints as Park Naturalists unearth the beaver’s skills: chomping on trees, scooping mud, and slapping tails. Hike to see beaver evidence and construct mini beaver dam models during this hands-on program (while supplies last)! Hiking Terrain Info: Moderate to Difficult, Natural Surfaces with Steps, Up to 1 Mile Appropriate for all ages• Free to Attend • No Registration Required Approximate program duration: 1 hour PLEIN AIR PAINTING Saturday, July 14, 10 a.m. Sodalis Nature Park Want to relax in nature and get in touch with your artistic side? Come paint Plein Air (“Open Air”) canvas paintings with us in the park. Instructor-led painting sessions from The Purple Palette will take place this summer at Hendricks County Parks. Walk to unique locations in our parks, to focus your painting on our beautiful landscapes and historic structures. All experience levels welcome. All supplies and guidance will be provided. This program is outdoors so dress accordingly. Bring water and a snack, and wear comfortable walking shoes. Hiking Terrain Info: Easy to Moderate Difficulty, Gravel and Natural Surfaces, Up to 0.5 Miles Recommended Ages: 6+ Advance Registration Required by July 12 Fee: $30/person • Approximate program duration: 2 hours FIREFLY NIGHT HIKE Saturday, July 7, 9 p.m. McCloud Nature Park Learn why fireflies flash (and why they never have to pay an electric bill!), and catch and release these bioluminescent insects! Registered participants will receive glow sti 62B6V7B'2vV"6f'F&P6W2B'&rvFW"&GFRआrFW'&fV7FFW&FRFff7VGGW&7W&f6W2WF"֖W0B6GV6fRF7G&W'2&V6VFVBvW3b( "Gf6R&Vv7G&F&WV&VB'VǒPfVSCRW'6( "&FR&w&GW&F"W'0dŒd4rd"$TtU%06GW&FVǒB"6FƗ2GW&R&fRRWfW"vFVBFG'fǒf6sV&FR&672bfǒf6pGW&rF2G2&w&vRvvfW"6RbFR6f6FBR66F62vV276V&Rfǒf6r&G2B&7F6P67FrBf6rƖ6V6R2VVFVB2F22BǒG&W72f"FRvVFW"B'&rvFW"&GFR&V6VFVBvW32( "g&VRFGFVB( "&Vv7G&F2B&WV&V@&FR&w&GW&F"W'044TBtUDBDU 7VFVǒ"46VBGW&R&FW"FRWr46VBvWFB&FBvF&GW&Ɨ7G2V&আrBvFR46VBvWFB&FBv267G'V7FVBvvWFG2&R&FV7FVBBvB2&RFWVFVBvWFG0f"FV"7W'ff6V6WBFRVvRWr&&GvƲB'6W'fFFV6'VB'W"vW6RFV6R7&Wr6VRvR#vP^( &RFW&RFrFW'&fV7FFW&FRFff7VGw&fVB6G7W&f6W2WF֖PB6GV6fRF7G&W'2&&FRf"vW>( "g&VRFGFVB( "&Vv7G&F2B&WV&V@&FR&w&GW&F"W'0( "wwrVG&646VG&2&pB5E$p%@6GW&FVǒB"46VBGW&R&W6r2BV'&FW'F&VB7&VFRW"v7G&r'@7FW'V6RFW6vW"v W6R&fFVBFVFW2&V6VFVBvW3b( "Gf6P&Vv7G&F&WV&VB'Vǒ fVSCR&V7BWF"VRW"&V7B&FR&w&GW&F"W'0