The Explorer Magazine Fall 2018 - Page 22

Two members of our staff were promoted in December! Meet Joe Lembo, who is now our full-time Assistant Park Naturalist, and Eric Ivie, who now holds the position of Assistant Superintendent. MEET JOE LEMBO Joe began his employment with us in 2016 as a part-time seasonal naturalist at McCloud Nature Park and was later made a year-round part-time assistant naturalist before moving to his current position. His promotion took effect on Dec. 18, 2017, and makes him just the second full-time naturalist with our department, along with Park Naturalist Sarah Wolf. Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Recreation from Middle Tennessee State University. While in school, he served as a seasonal interpretive ranger at Henry Horton State Park in Tennessee, where he worked on rehabilitating injured birds of prey. One of his favorite moments was the public release of a barn owl back into the wild after he had rehabilitated it. Left, Joe Lembo, Assistant Park Naturalist. Above, Eric Ivie, Assistant Superintendent. LIVE After moving to Indiana with his wife, Joe worked at Conner Prairie as a costumed interpreter, portraying a Civil War soldier and a blacksmith, before coming to our department. Our waste-to-energy programs power over one million homes. Find out more at Joe and his wife have one son. MEET ERIC IVIE Eric also began his employment with us in 2016, just ahead of Joe. He, too, began as a part-time employee, handling our marketing and communications. Like Joe, Eric’s promotion took effect on Dec. 18, 2017. He continues to handle marketing and communications for us, along with additional administrative duties designed to assist our Superintendent. Eric is an Eagle Scout, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Texas A&M University. He’s a 2006 graduate of Leadership Hendricks County. Eric spent nearly 20 years working in the criminal justice system in Texas and in Indiana before making a career change. He was a probation officer in Marion County for three years and in Hendricks County for 12 years. During his last 10 years with the Hendricks County Probation Department, he was that department’s first-ever Assistant Director. Coincidentally, Eric also holds the distinction of being our first-ever Assistant Superintendent. One house = Ten thousand homes In the right hands, waste is a powerful thing. The need for renewable power is greater than ever. That’s why Waste Management is using the resources at our disposal to create the energy equivalent of saving over 13 million barrels of oil per year. It’s a bright idea that’s good for both our economy and environment. For more information call 317-718-6835. Eric and his wife have two daughters. ©2012 Waste Management, Inc. 22 •