The Explorer Magazine Fall 2018 - Page 11

Photo by Bur Oak Stuido OFF-TRAIL HIKE Saturday, Nov. 10 • 2 p.m. McCloud Nature Park Discover McCloud “behind the scenes” in this special hike which will take you off-trail and cross-country! Children must attend with a parent or guardian. Wear sturdy and comfortable shoes or hiking boots and jeans or other thick long pants that will protect against thorns, and bring water and a snack, and a hiking stick if you regularly use one. (Hiking off-trail is only allowed during this special program. Otherwise for your safety and to protect the plants in the park, we ask that you to stay on trails when enjoying McCloud.) HIKING TERRAIN INFO: RUGGED, UP AND DOWN STEEP HILLS, OFF-TRAIL, UP TO 3 MILES RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 10 THROUGH ADULT ADVANCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED BY NOV. 8 FEE: $3/PERSON• APPROXIMATE PROGRAM DURATION: 3 HOURS THIRD THURSDAY THEMES Thursday, Nov. 15 • 6:30 p.m. Danville-Center Township Public Library Hendricks County Parks & Recreation and the Danville Public Library are teaming up for a new evening book discussion group. This is a monthly discussion, with every third month’s interactive discussion led by Park Naturalists. Come for an immersive experience with props and hands-on discussion! Light refreshments will be provided. At this November meeting, the group will be discussing Rascal by Sterling North. RECOMMENDED FOR ADULTS ADVANCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED BY CALLING THE LIBRARY AT (317) 745-2604 FREE TO ATTEND • APPROXIMATE PROGRAM DURATION: 1 HOUR GUEST SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT Saturday, Nov. 17 • 2 p.m. McCloud Nature Park We are bringing in a variety of expert guest speakers this year to discuss various nature-related topics! Mark the dates on your calendar and then keep an eye on and our Facebook page as the dates approach to learn which guest speakers and what topics will be featured each month throughout the year. WINTER WREATH WORKSHOPS Saturday, Dec. 1 • 11:30 a.m., 1 p.m., and 2:30 p.m. McCloud Nature Park Make holiday memories while creating a wreath to adorn your home or to give as a gift. We will start with wild grapevine and fresh evergreens to assemble the wreath, and then decorate with ribbon and ornaments tha BvR7Wǒ"'&pW"vFRGW&R6VFW"v&RfVBvFƖFW626W2BB66FRFVvRR7&gBW"7FW'V6RF0&w&2ff&FRf"FfGV2Bf֖ƖW26&Vv7FW"V&ǒ$T4TDTBtU3bD$TtETB( "Ed4P$Tt5E$D$UT$TB%b#dTSB"u$TDUD"TRU"u$TD$DR$u$EU$DU DRUdTBbDtU$U2tTDU"4DD2DT2t^( $U44TETRd"DT2U54TBEDrTTDU2DT%$u06GW&FFV2R( "46VBGW&R&v^( FR7WBW( &VG>( g&V֖VGFrVVFW2BW6PFRvFW&gVWGFRb6'2FR2'2b'&vBBVVP&V76VBFW&V'&w2FVW"vfR2vgG2VfW"FfW02&VVGW&rBWFGFrVVFW2B7&6WB2Fv66WvV'B66W76&W2f"V'2VFW"FRRb'W 7GVF6V6WBW"FW6v2Bwwr'W&7GVF6Ғ6Pv27&VB'FRGFW'2W"f֖ǒ6VFrW"@7FWFW&GFW'2VFv&G2vB"&&VVFW0B2'WB7BfR6RbFRB7GW2ƖRFRW2vRV&VBFW&2BF2&R&fFVBf"F2V77&VFfP672&"WvV'rWW&V6RV6W76'$T4TDTBtU3D$TtETB( "Ed4R$Tt5E$D$UT$TB%DT20dTSC3RU%4( "$DR$u$EU$D"U%0uTU5B5TU"5DĔt@6GW&FFV2R( ""46VBGW&R&vR&R'&vrf&WGbWW'BwVW7B7VW'2F2V"FF67W72f&W2GW&R&VFVBF72&FRFFW2W"6VF BFVVWWRwwrVG&646VG&2&rBW f6V&vR2FRFFW2&6FV&v6wVW7B7VW'0BvBF72v&RfVGW&VBV6FF&VvWBFRV"4Dĕ24DR%$TU%3EU$RtTE06GW&FFV2#( "6FƗ2GW&R&&W'G2fR&VV6֖rg&6FƗ2GW&R&&Vv&Frח7FW&W2GW&R'Ff7BBFRGW&Ɨ7G2VVBF76V&RFVbGW&R6FR'&VW'2FfBBf"V66VRBWPvR6fRBvVBW2R7FW66W"FFRח7FW&W2'Ff7@b6FƗ2GW&R&2GW&R6FR'&VW"vV"66VBFP6W2"&G2FB&R6f'F&RFvƲB'&rW"vFW &GFRBW"F涖rBE$TuDBDdd5TEUD"ԔU2DU$DTŒ%TttTBtDdUp5DU2dU"EU$5U$d4U2$T4TDTBtU3bD$TtET@Ed4R$Tt5E$D$UT$TB%DT2#pdTSB2U%4( "$DR$u$EU$D"U%045D4R4DU06GW&FFV2#( ""46VBGW&R&6VB6RƖvBGW&rFRF&W7BF2bFRV"vF6FP^( fRFRW'6VbF66fW"FW"WFG0VRfRW6VBFƖvBFV"W2V'27B$T4TDTBtU3D$TtET@Ed4R$Tt5E$D$UT$TB%DT2#pdTSBR4DRUD"TRU"4DR$DR$u$EU$DU f#( "