The European Schools Newspaper February issue - Page 6

THE EUROPEAN SCHOOLS NEWSPAPER The European Schools Newspaper MY SCHOOL Issue 2 – February 2015 by the Primary School of Sourpi, Greece th Reporters: 4 , 5 th & 6th grade learners Editor: Miss Vivi Hamilou, English teacher MY SCHOOL by George Kostoulas (4th grade) MY SCHOOL by George Grinias (4th grade) My school is in Sourpi. My school is ninety-eight years old. It is big. It has got two floors. There My school is big. It has got nine large are twelve classrooms. It has got a playground. classrooms and windows with yellow curtains. In It has got a computer room. It hasn’t got a the classrooms there are desks and chairs, music room. There are a football court and a teachers’ desks, boards and maps. There is a basketball court. There are six classes and computer room, too. Also, there is a big football there are eleven teachers. There are ninety- court and a basketball court for the children to eight pupils. play. I have good teachers and there are good students in my class. My school is fantastic and I love it! Visit our school blog at for more articles and school news! 1