The European Schools Newspaper February issue - Page 5

Hi! My name is Stefan. I’m almost nine years old. I come from Barlad, Romania. I’m in the second grade at “George Tutoveanu” School. I have got brown eyes, blonde hair and I am tall and thin. I have got a small, beautiful and happy family formed by my sister, Sofia, my mother, Cristina, and my father, Dan. I love animals, especially horses and I have got a tortoise, named Franklin. At school I like Math, Sports, T.I.C. and in the spare time I like to read books, to play tennis and to play the guitar. My favourite colour is green and my favourite food is pizza. Hello! Hello! I’m Dariana. I’m almost nine years old. My My name is Karina. I live in Barlad. favourite colour is pink, my favourite food is mashed I’m nine years old. I learn at School “George potatoes and meat, I like playing tennis and my Tutoveanu” favourite animal is my dog, Blacky. I like music, I like purple, I like math and I like I study at “George Tutoveanu” School. My school dogs. is the best. My school is nice and mu teachers are very good. I wake up at 07:00 a.m. and I go to school from My school has a gym, where the children do sports 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. or 13:00 p.m. and I play tennis. I am a happy pupil in this school Hello! My name is Diana. I am nine years old. My favourite colours are purple and blue, because most flowers are coloured in this way and I really love flowers. When it comes to school, I can proudly say that I like Math. I also find Arts very interesting and relaxing. Because I have plenty of free time I don`t like to waste it, I prefer to read a good book, such as “Mary Poppins” School and it’s teacher do more than help pupils be smart. They teach pupils to be brave, to make friends, to socialize, to be united. I really appreciate my school and its teachers for what they do for me. I hope someday I will repay them for all these good things by being an even smarter pupil, taking part in all kind of important competitions and even winning them as many successful pupils did it before me. 5