The European Schools Newspaper February issue - Page 34

This school year 2014 – 2015 we have started a new project: our own School Garden. Pupils proposed names for the garden, pictures for the logo and some rhymes for the slogan. And the winner is … Lazarillo’s Garden (Unfortunately the slogan has more sense in Spanish) Our garden is ecological and we have used some recycled materials to make it. However, we are not so smart and still need some help. There is a person who helped us with the patches, to prepare compost, to plant the seeds and who told us how to water and look after everything: Interviewer: Good morning Jacinto. Tell us, what do you do? Jacinto: I am a gardening teacher and I teach children with some kind of disability. I: How long have you been teaching gardening? J: About 15 years I: How many children are you teaching now? Jacinto J: Nowadays I am teaching gardening to a group of ten children aged 16-21. This school year we are helping you because it is your first time but next year you are going to grow these vegetables on your own. COMPOST I: Thanks for your help Jacinto. We have planted: beans, canons, spinach and garlic We have: - measured the separation between the seeds - planted the seeds - watered the seeds - prepared compost - done a scarecrow How many vegetables do you remember? Here you are a crossword to refresh your vocabulary By 6th-grade students.