The European Schools Newspaper February issue - Page 33

The name of our school, Lazarillo de Tormes, is also the title of a book that tells the story of a little boy called Lázaro. He has a difficult life, especially when he works as a guide for a blind man that is not good with the boy. The story says Lázaro was born near our school so everyone here knows this book and Lázaro is our school mascot. This school year Lázaro has a different profession related to means of communication in each Primary classroom. We are working hard in our jobs! Do you want to know how Lazarillo looks like? Third-grade students will tell you! 1st grade: LAZARILLO PHOTOGRAPHER He is wearing a green vest, a brown, purple, orange and blue jumper, pink trousers and green shoes. The jumper has a pocket with a recorder in. He has a photo camera, a notebook, a microphone and a pencil. By Niama and Adrián Jiménez 3rd grade 2nd grade: LAZARILLO SOUND TECHNICIAN He is wearing a brown coat with red buttons, black jeans and brown and red shoes. He has a black video camera with a microphone and a yellow objective on his left shoulder. He is also wearing black headphones. By Adrián Herrero and Jesús 3rd grade 3rd grade: LAZARILLO PAPARAZZO He is wearing blue jeans, a blue T-shirt and purple shoes. He’s sitting on a tree waiting for a famous person. He has a purple and blue photo camera and a pink bag. By Juan Carlos 3rd grade 4th grade: LAZARILLO RADIO ANNOUNCER He is wearing a brown jacket with black button s, dark blue jeans and black shoes. He has a black radio on his left hand and a microphone on his right hand (it fell down before taking this photo…) By Talía 3rd grade 5th grade: LAZARILLO BLOGGER He is wearing blue jeans, an orange T-shirt, a blue jumper and orange boots. He is sitting on a chair typing on his laptop. He has a green and brown laptop. By Chakir 3rd grade 6th grade: LAZARILLO CORRESPONDENT He is wearing an orange vest, a yellow shirt, a green, red, purple and pink scarf, purple trousers and brown shoes. He has a pencil on his ear, a microphone on his right hand, a green notebook and some pens on his jacket. By Niama 3rd grade