The European Schools Newspaper February issue - Page 32

THE CANTEEN It is on the ground floor. There are two long tables with chairs. There is a cook, Elo, who cooks for us from Monday to Friday. Patri and Kiki look after us and help Elo in the canteen. Many students of the school have lunch here every day. The lunch time is 2 pm and then we go to the playground and play together. By José Manuel 5th grade THE STAFF ROOM It is on the ground floor. In this room teachers have coffee during the break time and talk about pupils. There are tables and chairs, a computer and many books. There are also some footballs and skipping ropes that we use in the break time to play. By Juan 5th grade THE ART AND CRAFTS ROOM It is on the first floor. This class has much space to work. Pupils from 1st to 6th grade go to this class and there are tables and chairs adapted to all the ages. There is also a sink, where we wash our hands after using clay or tempera, a board, where we draw different things and several cupboards to keep all the materials. The Art teachers are Cristina and Manuel. By David 5th grade THE ENGLISH CLASSROOM It is on the second floor. Our English class is nice. It is white and it has much light. There are tables and chairs for students, several posters on the walls, some cupboards to keep material and there is also a computer. In this class we have English books to read that we borrow from a library in our city. The English teachers are Cristina and Manuel. By Abigail 5th grade THE COMPUTER ROOM It is on the second floor. In our computer room there are thirteen computers with their headphones and microphones. There is also an interactive whiteboard. In this classroom we work on English, Physical Education, Art and other subjects. And we sometimes play educational computer games. By José 5th grade THE MUSIC ROOM It is on the 2nd floor, it is very big and there are many instruments there: a piano, some flutes, a drum and some xylophones. The Music teachers are Monica and Mary. They are nice and they sing very well. We often sing and dance for ‘Danzar de los Danzares’ and ‘Cantania’. I love music and I sing very well. That’s why I’m writing about the Music classroom. By Libertad 5th grade