The European Schools Newspaper February issue - Page 31

MY SCHOOL My school is called Lazarillo de On the second floor, we have a computer Tormes and it is in Salamanca, which is a city room, a Music classroom, an English class next to Madrid. The school has got two and other three mainstream classrooms. buildings, one for kindergarten and another By Abigail 5th grade one for Primary students. In the first building, there are three classrooms, a room for psychomotor activities and a storeroom. The second building is bigger, it has two floors. On the ground floor you can find the staff room, the gym, the canteen and the library. On the first floor, there are 5 mainstream classrooms and the Art classroom. Let’s discover more!! THE PLAYGROUND The playground has much space to run and play sports. There are two football pitches and a basketball court. There is also a sandbox where small children play during the break time. There are several trees and much vegetation around. Since last October we also have our own school garden there. It is called ‘Huerto de Lazarillo’. By Daniel and Carlos Daniel 5th grade THE GYM In the gym we practice sports and, as we are a bilingual school, we do it in English. The gym is on the ground floor and it is quite big. There are columns and windows through which you can see the playground. There are posters about parts of the body and some important vocabulary on the walls. The Physical Education teachers are Paquita and Cristina. By Dámaris 5th grade THE LIBRARY It is on the ground floor. Pupils go to the library during the break time. There, we read books and play educational computer games. On the 23rd of April we celebrate The book’s day and that’s why the 22nd of April we read the book called LAZARILLO DE TORMES in the library by dividing the reading among the different students, teachers, parents and any other person who wants to participate in the continuous reading. By Luisa 5th grade