The European Schools Newspaper February issue - Page 24

By Elsa, A Different School We Now outside the school-the surroundings!  A school must have trees, grass and flowers.  A school should have a basketball court and  a football field. must change some things in our school!  We could use new clean desks, chairs and boards.  Every school should have a gym.  Every school should have a Computer Lab for Information Technology.  A Chemistry Lab is necessary too.  A Library with a lot of books so that pupils can learn about the earth, nature etc. People who would visit this school would envy it! They would be delighted!! They would not believe in their eyes!!! By George My school, the 8th Primary School of Pyrgos, is in Lampeti. Lessons start at 8:10 and finish at 1:15 or 2:00. There is also the All Day School until 4:00. By Tasos My school is not very big but it has two big playgrounds. I love it! 4 By Stacey I love my school!! Around our school there are colourful flowers and trees.