The European Schools Newspaper February issue - Page 21

THE EUROPEAN SCHOOLS NEWSPAPER 8th Primary school of Pyrgos Reporters: Students of 5th and 6th grade Editor: Miss Sophia, an English teacher MY SCHOOL By Angelica 2015, 2nd Issue, February My school is big and beautiful! My parents went to this school too!!! There are a lot of teachers in our school and..... a very cool and good hearted headmaster!!! WE LOVE OUR SCHOOL! By Christie In Lampeti there are a lot of buildings which are very important. One of them is ……OUR SCHOOL! The 1st part of the school was built in 1890!! There are seven classrooms in my school and the 7th is the kindergarten! When you enter the school you can see four stone benches and next to them there are four taps for water. On the left you can see the kindergarten and the 1 st grade. On the right you can see another small building. It is our library and we store things that we use in the P.E. lesson there too. In the centre you can see the main building and the Greek flag billowing in the breeze. There are two stairways; one of them leads to the headmaster’s office. The toilets are in the backyard. We have a big playground around the school and a basketball field. The 6 years I have spent here have been a lot of fun with my classmates and of course the “crazy” teachers and very special to me!!